It’s Sunday and I hope you are safe and warm wherever you are reading this! Cash with Flash is back to selling daily picks directly from the site and today’s NBA picks will cost you $4.99 today. 

We have a 75-44-1 NBA record and we have three games for Sunday we feel are the best plays of the day!

The NCAA picks effed up what should have been a good Saturday but the underdogs had different ideas and we went 1-5 with Pepperdine -4 as our only winner.

The NBA was a perfect 2-0 day and we will stick with that for the next couple of days. 

Cash with Flash Best Bets has 2020-2021 season-long totals of 66-53-1 for NFL football, 48-21 in NCAAF, 47-40 for NCAAB, 16-9 in NHL, 75-44-1 in the NBA, and 109-50 for tennis this season.

Had you wagered $100 dollars on each pick we offered you’d be ahead of the game by about $11,600 since September 8, 2020. That’s not too shabby making money off of someone else prowess.

Betting sheets are what we used to get from the bookies either on the street or from a legalized betting parlor or sportsbooks. Betting sheets are all about finding an edge and that is what you will find here at the all-new Cash with Flash Betting Sheet!

Don’t forget to pick up your copies of Betting Baseball 101 and Betting Football 101. Everything that you need to know in order to become a better sports handicapper can be found on the pages of those two books. Look for Betting Basketball 101 and Betting Hockey 101 in 2021!

You are doing it all wrong if you aren’t practicing some sort of money management system. I discuss a couple of them in my books and I will be sharing little tidbits here in this column.

Managing your cash is numero uno. Hiring someone to pick winners is an easy thing to do but if you don’t have the discipline to manage your money correctly then wagering on sporting events for long-term success won’t likely be successful. 

We have nine games on the NBA slate for Sunday and plenty of opportunity to Cash with Flash!