We are rolling into the first week of the 2021 French Open and we are excited to announce that This Week in Tennis has posted a 148-67 betting record that had you wagered $100 on every pick would be ahead nearly $7500 bucks for freely listening to our podcast This Week in Tennis.

 One hours’ worth of listening each week to a couple of guys who have been working together for nearly a decade and winning at a 67 percent clip over 150 picks was all you had to do and you would have cashed.

 We know people live busy lives and don’t have the time to sit and listen so what we’ve done is compile all of our picks into one PDF file that we will make available at the low cost of $9.99.

 That’s not too shabby for 96 picks from two experts with a 67 percent success rate this season, up roughly 75 units since the start of the tennis season.

Had you wagered $100 dollars on every FREE pick for This Week in Tennis, you’d be up roughly $7500 dollars.

 We invite you to listen to Friday’s This Week in Tennis and we hope you take advantage of the insights that Craig and Phil offer on the program. I’ll leave the player below.



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