Line Grinders Daily: Meet Bobby!!

Line Grinders Daily: Meet Bobby!!

Line Grinders Daily is back for another day of sports betting action. Missed just about every pick that we made yesterday and gave back four units of profit….but I did get to meet “Bobby” and what a tale of woe and warning his story is. 

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Tweet of the Day

Actually this ‘Bobby” made every mistake I warn not to make in my Betting Baseball 101 and Betting Football 101 books but I digress. 



Desperation can sometimes be harsh….

What could possibly go wrong betting a +240 baseball underdog based on a tweet from someone you’ve likely never met alongside the recommendation of a friend?

“Bobby” blames the tout instead of himself but desperate times call for desperate measures; no offense to “Scan” but you’d have to be pretty desperate to play a +240 dog based off of the advice of a social media capper.

Desperate people chasing longshots is as old as time but with the economy being the way that it is we’re liable to see more unnecessary  “Bobby” stories than ever before.

Gambling in order to get out of debt with money you can’t afford to lose is a sure-fire recipe for disaster and often produces results like the one “Bobby” suffered yesterday.

We’ve beaten this horse to death but one more time for the learning impaired;

Please be responsible out there…..

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  • Following social media touts and celebrity sports bettors
  • Gathering information
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  • Understanding betting markets
  • Flying solo or joining a group
  • Discipline

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Tuesday MLB

Oakland Athletics vs New York Yankees

Oakland blew a HUGE lead last night and cost “Bobby” his lunch money but we’ll go back to this one tonight and see if we can’t get our baseball picks back on track.

Both sides have been putting runs on the board over their last five games and Tuesday might be more of the same. Righty Frankie Montas has been solid this season pitching for a bad team, but his road splits are drastic and don’t favor him when pitching away from home. Montas has served up a couple of bombs over just 19 road innings and while the sample size is small his career road stats aren’t much better and we all know what the Yankees bats can do.

Lefty James Hill takes the mound for New York and he’s making just his second career start and with such a small sample size to work with it’s hard telling just what he’ll do tonight. What we do know is Oakland overall doesn’t hit lefties very well nor do they manufacture many runs with a high strikeout rate. Both bullpens have thrown a ton of pitches over the last few days and I expect there to be some runs scored again tonight. Play Oakland OVER 7.5 runs tonight.