Line Grinders Daily; Vegas Dave & Monday MLB Free Pick!

Line Grinders Daily; Vegas Dave & Monday MLB Free Pick!

Sunday was a good bounceback day for our bankroll at Line Grinders Daily. The Orioles/Royals were good to us and the game hit the OVER ten runs for even money. Our premium Slack Chat had a winning tennis day, Vegas Dave showed up on my timeline and our premium subscribers enjoyed a WNBA winner from Tony C! 

Yesterday I was bored outta my mind and ended up down a rabbit hole leading to legendary sports bettor Vegas Dave.

Yup, I was  that bored and decided to finally have a good look at what Vegas Dave was all about.

Say what you like about Vegas Dave but the guy is a helluva marketer; he knows how to use social media to exploit greedy people looking to make a fast buck without putting in the work.

Forget about the outrageous claims he makes and there is already a plethora of exposures done on his business and his character. Vegas Dave has his issues but all one has to do is look at his fees, use a little logic, and move on without knowing his arrest records, bankruptcies and who he is or isn’t banging.

Pricing on the Vegas Dave website is vague but he does sell a “super goat” package of $995. We don’t know the particulars but we can assume this is per month and we’ll use that example.

We’re already down a grand and Vegas Dave hasn’t even flipped a coin yet!!

Ten units per month is our goal for Line Grinders Daily and we’d be ecstatic to average what Vegas Dave charges per month. Hell, Tony C said he’s actually PAY for someone to make him ten units a month profit so he could retire and lay on the beach. 

A sports bettor breaks even if they hit 52.3 percent of their selections at -110; that in itself is quite a feat and more difficult than it looks when considering top pros would be happy as hell for a yearly 57 percent win-rate. 

That’s at -110 and with the vig on sides and totals slowly creeping towards the -115 to -125 mark it would be next to impossible to break even each month.

A Vegas Dave customer needs to win twenty units per month just to hit the Line Grinders monthly goal; while not impossible to do it’s highly improbable for nearly anyone to consistently hit 52.3 percent or greater for twelve consecutive months.

Even if twenty units per month was possible, Vegas Dave refuses third-party validation so there is no way of knowing what his actual real win-rate is but odds are he’s probably not the 32-0 baseball record he’s claiming on social media.

Insert any sports betting service including Line Grinders into where I wrote Vegas Dave and put them/us to the test. 

Line Grinders Daily is down less than one-unit for June. Fortunately we have proven track records that we can point to with a realistic chance of hitting our monthly goal. We’ll even give you the rest of the month to check us out. Use this link to get you started on your way to earning money wagering on sports.

Here’s what Line Grinders Daily has for Monday.

Line Grinders Podcast

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Tony C’s Premium Picks

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This Week in Tennis

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Monday NBA

Boston Celtics vs Golden State Warriors

Boston should’ve won game four. No if’s, ands or buts about it. Winning at home as the away team in this series was vital but the C’s failed to seal the deal Friday night at TD Garden. Golden State is 4-1 ATS over their last five home playoff games and they have a red-hot Stephen Curry cooking soup. There’s zero edge in this game and that means we should just sit this one out or look for your number live and give it a shot. 

Monday MLB

Pittsburgh Pirates vs St Louis Cardinals

Pittsburgh brings a six-game losing streak they’d like to end while St Louis is just 5-5 over their last ten games. Righty Mitch Keller (2-5, 5.26) is expected to take the hill for the Pirates and St Louis will counter with southpaw Zack Thompson (0-0, 2.25).

Keller has settled down quite a bit and after a disastrous outing four starts ago vs the Reds has allowed five earned runs over the last seventeen innings. He faces a below average Cardinals offense with a low ISO with just seventeen runs scored over their past five contests. Thompson has a small sample size but he’s just a rookie and was the Cardinals first-round pick in 2019. He’ll meet a pedestrian Pittsburgh offense with an average ISO with eleven runs scored over their last five games.

We’re going with the Pirates tonight. Keller is starting to figure out his new sinker and up against a Cardinals struggling Cardinals offense. Thompson is a rookie making his first career start and the young Pirate bats are going to get after him tonight. You can get Pittsburgh F5 anywhere from +135 to +155 and we like Pittsburgh F5 on the moneyline tonight!