Johnny Sawbuck Sports Betting Picks

Ever since he was a little kid Johnny Sawbucks was obsessed with two things. Numbers and Football. When Johnny was younger his uncle was a huge football fan. In fact, he ran a fantasy football league that was scored out of the USA Today sports section. All that mattered back then was scoring and the length of the score. That’s why he won his league the year he drafted Sterling Sharpe over Michael Irvin.

1994 was Johnny’s first taste of fantasy football action and it was love at first sight. Johnny didn’t have too many friends to explain this game too because, well he was eight. It’s not your average eight-year-old that is playing and winning fantasy football leagues. Fast forward a couple of years and Johnny was watching football on Thanksgiving 1996 with that same favorite uncle. He was yelling at the TV and ripping up a sheet of paper. What’s that? Johnny asked. I just lost the game he said, after an Emmitt Smith TD. “How did you just lose your bet, the Redskins were already going to lose?” “I just needed them to not lose by more than nine points”. And that’s when Johnny found out about the spread. Johnny brought this knowledge back to elementary school and started winning a lot of chocolate vs. whole milk bets.

Sports have been the biggest focus in Johnny’s life. He has always been competitive, always looking for an edge. He has placed in the money in over 75% of seasonal leagues and has made thousands of dollars in daily fantasy sports. After years and years of phone calls and texts asking for his advice, he has decided to take that advice a step further and help the average bettor. If you have a guy in your league who grabbed Gary Barnidge before his game against the Raiders in 2015, won a league after losing his first two draft picks for the season week one, and played Chase Claypool week five 2020. Then you might have a Johnny Sawbucks caliber friend. But if you don’t, you’re lucky he is here on the Cash with Flash Best Bets team to help you make smart wagers and strong fantasy plays.

If you want to listen to Johnny Sawbucks, you can catch this episode for Week Three of the NCAA season as a guest of the Phil Naessens Show!!