Pro Soccer Weekly Picks

Pro Soccer Weekly is a weekly podcast covering the great sport of soccer. Please join hosts Phil Naessens, Gary Lewis, and Eric Lorandini as they discuss all the latest happenings surrounding the great sport of football.

The podcast will also offer sports betting tips and advice that we’re sure will help you to make better betting decisions.

The Pro Soccer Weekly team began handicapping soccer matches at the beginning of the European Restart thanks to Covid-19. The team amassed 24 units and had you wagered $100 dollars on each of their picks, you would be $2400 dollars ahead of the game. The team’s spreadsheet is available to anyone that asks. Please contact us through the website!

Naessens is a former professional tennis player, a high-performance coach with a vast amount of international experience. Naessens is also a nationally syndicated radio host and widely respected sports handicapper with a 1428-1099-40 betting record with handicapping websites Stat Salt and Winners and Whiners. 

Lewis is a former professional soccer player and got his playing start as a  junior player within the Manchester United system. Lewis has spent the past twenty years or so coaching and developing junior players with Apex Management Pathways (AMP) throughout Europe, Canada, and the United States. He brings a wealth of knowledge, is well known throughout the football community, and very excited about doing the podcast.

Lorandini is a former professional football player with experience playing in the German Bundesliga. Lorandini is the founder and President of PSA Elite and works with players worldwide helping them find college scholarships and professional playing opportunities throughout the USA and abroad. Lorandini is as knowledgeable as they come and is looking forward to sharing his insights on the podcast.

This is going to be an entertaining, informative podcast. You won’t want to miss a single episode of Pro Soccer Weekly. You can subscribe to the podcast HERE or listen each and every week HERE!!

Besides the picks and advice offered on the podcast, the guys will also be providing daily soccer picks that will be available for the following prices.

The Pro Soccer Weekly One Day Pass will cost $9.99 and is available at the button below.

The Pro Soccer Weekly Seven Day Pass will cost $49.99 and is available at the button below.

The Pro Soccer Weekly Thirty Day Pass will cost $99.99 and is available at the button below.

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